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Tip of the Week – Don’t Cheer Me Up

New research confirmed something most of us already believe – people with low self-esteem have an overly negative and critical view of themselves. The research goes on to suggest that trying to change that viewpoint with positive reframing or praise and compliments is … Continue reading

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Thought of the Week

It is easy to believe the things we think in our own heads. Often those thoughts sting worse than comments made by others. It is important to remember that just because we think something it doesn’t make it true. Challenge … Continue reading

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What’s Good for the Goose…

A friend shared the following article by Emma Gray (via The Huffington Post) titled 23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing with me. She loved the article, as do I. Her most interesting comment was that she thought this advice applied to … Continue reading

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When Different Isn’t Different…

One comment I hear from clients is that they feel “different from everyone else.” Some describe it as feeling “weird.” When they go on to talk about why this is a problem it is almost always a variation of the … Continue reading

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Two Therapists Talking: Shame vs. Guilt

In this episode of Two Therapists Talking, Jasmine St. John and I discuss the difference between shame and guilt. If you have questions or a topic you’d like to hear us discuss write us at TwoTherapistsTalking@gmail.com.

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The Messages We Send…

One of the things I spend a lot of time convincing parents is that kids learn more, much more, from parents’ behaviors that they do from their parents words. Parent’s can talk and lecture until they are blue in the … Continue reading

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Those Voices…

I think most people have heard voices in their head.  I don’t mean movie-style voices directing us to be serial killers.  I mean thoughts that contradict us, that challenge whether we can succeed, that tell us we aren’t good enough.  … Continue reading

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The Self-Esteem Castle

I’m willing to bet that everyone reading this knows or has known someone with low self-esteem.  They just really don’t believe they are deserving or have the skills, strength or knowledge to be successful.  They assume they are always going … Continue reading

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