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Tip of the Week – Don’t Cheer Me Up

New research confirmed something most of us already believe – people with low self-esteem have an overly negative and critical view of themselves. The research goes on to suggest that trying to change that viewpoint with positive reframing or praise and compliments is … Continue reading

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What Others Had To Say This Week

Interesting blog posts and news stories from the past week… I don’t feel male and I don’t feel female, La Roux opens up about her sexuality – Liam Johnson Healthy guilt vs toxic guilt – Patrick McCurry Feelings Are About Love – … Continue reading

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Thought for the Week…

One of the most difficult challenges for many of us is when someone we care about is experiencing sadness, loss, grief, hurt or other very difficult emotions. We often feel helpless because we can’t fix it. We can’t take away … Continue reading

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Two Therapists Talking: How to be Supportive Even When You Don’t Understand

In this episode of Two Therapists Talking, Jasmine St. John and I discuss what we tell clients that come in asking about how to be supportive even if you don’t understand or agree with what the other person is going … Continue reading

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