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Getting Distracted…

I was reading an interesting thread of discussion by a group of therapists the other day. One therapist asked the following question – “Is it ever innocent when two married people are exchanging sexually explicit emails without their spouses knowing?” … Continue reading

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We Can All Use a Little Help Sometimes…

I had the opportunity to sit in a session with another therapist the other day. I loved having the chance because I think this therapist is one of the best I know.  During the session she used a concept that … Continue reading

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Sharing versus Dumping…There is a Difference

There are many reasons people choose to not share personal information, feelings and stories with others.  We all control what we share to varying degrees.  Things like the nature of the relationship usually impact that. For example, you may share … Continue reading

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Spinning a Tale…

Here I go again.  Another post centered on a TED Talk.  What can I say?  I’m a huge fan.  If I was young and hip I might say I was a fanboy.  Fortunately I don’t suffer from any illusions that … Continue reading

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Diving in the Deep End…

When I hear those lyrics I am reminded of so many of my clients. They come into therapy wanting deeper, more connected relationships.  They have some idea of where there want to be.  They’ve waded into a relationship and they … Continue reading

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Who Knew the Number One had a History?

I just finished watching a fascinating documentary.  Yes, I am kind of a documentary geek.  Okay, I’m probably just a geek in general, but you get my point. I love documentaries. This one was about the history of one.  The … Continue reading

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Why ask why?

Have you ever seen the PBS show “America’s Test Kitchen”?  I love the show. It is a cooking show where, among other things, they make a recipe hundreds of ways, trying different techniques at different steps to try to get … Continue reading

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