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Thought for the week…

Remember, love isn’t about giving up yourself. It is about sharing yourself.  

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What Others Had to Say This Week

Since today is Valentine’s Day here are some thoughts about love, romance and relationships from the blogosphere and beyond. I Wonder: A Love Poem For Valentine’s Day – Winifred Reilly Love Is – malootka Blind Love – Maureen A Single Guy Quit … Continue reading

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Two Therapists Talking: Sharing What Makes Us Feel Loved

In this episode of Two Therapists Talking, Jasmine St. John and I talk about the importance of sharing with others what it is that makes you feel loved. If you have questions or a topic you’d like to hear us … Continue reading

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The Debate Over Unconditional Love…

I follow a lot of online forums where therapists ask questions or raise topics for discussion. Recently there has been a very active debate about unconditional love. The main question is whether it is just an ideal or is it … Continue reading

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Self-Compassion…What’s That?

Compassion is a topic that often comes up in therapy. Often it is about having compassion for others. That is a concept people grasp fairly easily. Don’t get me wrong…they may not do it but they understand it.  The concept that isn’t … Continue reading

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

When I work with couples I often ask them if they love each other. With the exception of those that are there for help navigating the end of their relationship, they almost always say yes. That’s the answer I would … Continue reading

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Creating Emotional Intimacy

Clients often come to therapy and say they don’t have a sense of intimacy.  While that can sometimes include sex it usually is more about something less tangible. They may describe it as a feeling that there is a connection … Continue reading

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