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Tip of the Week – Listening to Ourselves

Those spontaneous, random thoughts that pop into your head during the day may be more than a distraction. New research out Carnegie Mellon University and Harvard Business School “suggest spontaneous thoughts can provide potent self-insight.” They also influence our decision making even more … Continue reading

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What Makes Me Me?

I’ve had a rather unusual experience the past few weeks that has caused me to ask myself about what makes me me. Google lets you set up an alert, a search for a certain term so you can keep up … Continue reading

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Those Voices…

I think most people have heard voices in their head.  I don’t mean movie-style voices directing us to be serial killers.  I mean thoughts that contradict us, that challenge whether we can succeed, that tell us we aren’t good enough.  … Continue reading

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Just Sleep On It…

How many times have you heard some variation of the phrase “I need to sleep on it?”  It turns out that the phrase may be more important that we realize. I saw an incredible documentary about dreams the other day.  … Continue reading

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The Self-Esteem Castle

I’m willing to bet that everyone reading this knows or has known someone with low self-esteem.  They just really don’t believe they are deserving or have the skills, strength or knowledge to be successful.  They assume they are always going … Continue reading

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