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Thought for the Week

Everyone has their own perspectives, tastes, preferences and desires. And since they do, we will always be subject to criticism from people who don’t like something about us -what we believe, what we do, how we act…it could be anything. The … Continue reading

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Won’t? Maybe it is Can’t…

I often hear people say that they want more emotional connection and expression from their partner. They say their partner won’t express their feelings or even state their needs. That lack of sharing often leaves the first person feeling locked … Continue reading

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Just Fix Yourself…

Showing compassion for people that are physically ill or injured is something most people do reasonably well. Sure, there are exceptions, but if someone has pneumonia, a broken arm or just went through surgery people generally show concern. It is … Continue reading

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Self-Compassion…What’s That?

Compassion is a topic that often comes up in therapy. Often it is about having compassion for others. That is a concept people grasp fairly easily. Don’t get me wrong…they may not do it but they understand it.  The concept that isn’t … Continue reading

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