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Alpha Doesn’t Have to Mean Ass…

Over the past few months I’ve been involved in or have been told about several conversations about individuals that are considered to be Alpha’s. These conversations were specifically about alpha males, so I’m going to talk about that specifically. The … Continue reading

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Give Yourself Permission…To Be In Control

There are lots of reasons why we sometimes don’t want to go to an event or do a certain activity. Fear is one of those reasons. It can range from an uncomfortable feeling to full blown social anxiety. At its … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Control by Withholding…

Fear is a big driver in most people’s lives. Oh, some respond to it better than others but it has an impact on most of us. And one of the places that fear has a big impact is when we … Continue reading

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Instead of Being Emotionless Try Being Verbless

If you have read much of my blog you’ll know I am a big fan of emotions. All of them…the fun ones, the happy ones, the exciting ones…and the hard ones, the difficult ones, the challenging ones.  They are our … Continue reading

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Spinning a Tale…

Here I go again.  Another post centered on a TED Talk.  What can I say?  I’m a huge fan.  If I was young and hip I might say I was a fanboy.  Fortunately I don’t suffer from any illusions that … Continue reading

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Balancing Desire and Reason

I’ve said this before – we don’t seem to like moderation or balance.  I don’t know if it is humans in general or something specific to our society. Whether it is diets or medical treatments or even politics we want … Continue reading

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When Being Nice Really Isn’t

(Note – The following post is written from a heterosexual perspective.  I suspect that at least some of the concepts apply to non-heterosexual couples as well.  However, because I have only dealt with these concepts in heterosexual couples I have … Continue reading

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Control…Is It Just An Illusion?

Control is   a topic that frequently comes up in therapy.  It seems that just about everyone wants it.  Some people are convinced they have it. You may already know the therapist response you are likely to get from me … Continue reading

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