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Stop Giving Ultimatums a Bad Name…Or Else!

People love to toss around the word ultimatum. I hear it in regards to relationships all of the time. One person says, “if you don’t stop treating me this way then I’ll leave the relationship.” Often the response to that is, … Continue reading

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When Your Way Isn’t My Way…

I mentioned last week that I recently had the good fortune to get to visit England recently. I talked about how driving on the left really highlighted the different aspects in the process of change. Well, I had another of … Continue reading

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Expectations, Rules and Patterns

A client recently sent me a blog post about rules versus expectations.  It contained a lot of what I agree with.  Basically expectations are the general assumptions we make about other people…about how they will behave in certain situations.  Things … Continue reading

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Want Respect? Respect Yourself First.

I talk to a lot of clients that are unhappy with the friends and partners they attract.  They feel the people around them often want to take advantage in some way.  It can be emotionally, physically, financially…it doesn’t matter how.  … Continue reading

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You Say Potato…

There are a lot of ways to show love.  We all have our favorite ways to both show it and feel it.  That’s one of the things about love that is so amazing – it is so multifaceted.  It comes … Continue reading

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