Something Finishes and Something Begins

ending beginningThis is my last post at It has been a lot of fun sharing my thoughts since my first post Facing Our Fears on June 1, 2010. That post talked about opening my private practice and dealing with fear versus risk. That doesn’t mean you won’t be hearing from me anymore. Like all things, and ending signals a beginning.

I’m again at the start of something new. It isn’t as dramatic as opening my practice, but still a change I’m excited about. I’ve completely re-designed my website at and will be hosting my blog there. So while you won’t find my thoughts and ideas at this location, they won’t be going away.

If you’ve been a reader I hope it is because I’ve challenged you, given you helpful things to think about or you’ve enjoyed my words. I also hope you’ll follow me over at My blog will be the featured item on my new homepage.

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ll see you there!

About awentherapy

I am Jay Blevins, LMFT ( I am a licensed systems therapist with a private practice in Madison, WI. While I work with individuals and partners around a wide variety of issues, my primary focus in on alternative relationship structures, alternative sex and sexuality, and power dynamics. I am a contributor to various relationship and sexuality blogs and publications and have been a frequent presenter at alternative lifestyle events and psychotherapy conferences.
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