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Make a Difference – Participate in a New Survey Research Project

I’m happy to let you know about a new research project being conducted by Edgewood College Marriage and Family Therapy Masters Program students Linda Van Tol and Kael Fry.  They have recently put out a survey regarding attitudes about BDSM. … Continue reading

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When a Discussion Isn’t a Discussion

It seems like having actual discussions and debate is becoming a lost art lately.  I mean real, open discussions where things remain on topic and people offer differing thoughts, facts and opinions in response to those same things offered from … Continue reading

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Those Voices…

I think most people have heard voices in their head.  I don’t mean movie-style voices directing us to be serial killers.  I mean thoughts that contradict us, that challenge whether we can succeed, that tell us we aren’t good enough.  … Continue reading

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Sharing versus Dumping…There is a Difference

There are many reasons people choose to not share personal information, feelings and stories with others.  We all control what we share to varying degrees.  Things like the nature of the relationship usually impact that. For example, you may share … Continue reading

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