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Please Don’t Say I Married My Mother!

You hear it all the time.  I’ve said it to clients. We’ll be discussing your relationship and suddenly I’ll say “Oh, you married your mother (or father).”  The reaction is often the same…” I DO NOT THINK OF MY MOTHER … Continue reading

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Book Review Update – Naked at Our Age

I just submitted my review of Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex by Joan Price to AASECT’s publication Contemporary Sexuality.  I’ll save the actual review until it is published but here’s a hint – I liked … Continue reading

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I Don’t Read Instruction Manuals Anyway…

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.  We all make them.  How can we not?  We are imperfect beings.  We have limits…of understanding, of knowledge, of experiences.  But yet we so often beat ourselves up for making them.  Some of us more than others. … Continue reading

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Control…Is It Just An Illusion?

Control is   a topic that frequently comes up in therapy.  It seems that just about everyone wants it.  Some people are convinced they have it. You may already know the therapist response you are likely to get from me … Continue reading

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Heavy Lifting…

I read a great blog post the other day. It was story about a time management presenter that did a demonstration for a class.  The demonstration went something like this.  The presenter took out a jar and started putting in … Continue reading

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Therapy as a Tool Store

I often hear different statements made by many clients.  A few I frequently hear “I just deal with it” and “I’ve done it these way my whole life” and “I’ve tried everything.” These are usually said defensively, meaning the client … Continue reading

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